Friday, August 24, 2012

Birthday Presents

For Nate's 7th birthday we took him on a train ride through the Cuyahoga Valley.  We sprung for the first class Emerson Car which has a glass domed ceiling.  What an amazing ride for Nate's birthday!  The entire trip was about 3 hours, and he sat for almost the entire thing.  We brought snacks, books and the iPad to keep him occupied, and it turned out that we didn't need most of the stuff we brought.  He wanted some juice and snacks, but for the most part he sat and looked out the window the entire ride.  Matt and I couldn't believe how GOOD he was.  We actually felt like a "normal" family doing a "normal" thing.  Thanks Nate for surprising us with your good behavior :-)
Outside of the train
Looking up the stairs to the Emerson domed car

SOOOO happy!

Nate had such a great birthday this year.  He not only went on an amazing train ride through the valley, he got a trampoline!  Now, if you know Nate, you know that a trampoline is the PERFECT gift for him.  He bounces off the walls on a regular basis, and now he can jump to his heart's content anytime he wants.  The first time he saw the trampoline, his face lit up and he started giggling with excitement.  He immediately asked (in his own words) if he could go on.  He jumped and jumped and jumped some more.  We have had so much fun on the trampoline this summer. 

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