Monday, August 27, 2012

It's come to this...

My monster has made such a mess out of my house, that we've resorted to making his room look like this:

Just kidding :-)

In June we decided to take apart Nate's full sized bed and put bunk beds in his room.  He loves being up high, and we thought that a little change in his room might be fun for him.  When my brother was a kid, my dad built these amazing bunk beds for him.  Fortunately, they were still sitting in my parents' basement and were still in great shape.  Matt and I went out, got Nate 2 mattresses, and up went the bunks! 

Nate was really excited about them, and being up so high in is room.  He loves looking out the window and sleeping on the top bunk.  Evan also loves hanging out on the top bunk.  For the first few weeks, they would spend time up there with books and toys and I was actually able to get some things done around the house!

Here's what Nate's room looks like with his new bunks

A HUGE thank you to my dad for building such great beds for my brother, to Nick for letting us put his beds in Nate's room, and to my mom who had the brilliant idea to put the bunks in Nate's room :-)

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