Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Soap Monster

Many of you may already know about Nate's obsession with anything water. This infatuation has been going on for a few years now, and it's resulted in some pretty hefty water bills.

Well it turns out that this past weekend has resulted in a brand new, and just as messy obsession. Soap. Yes, soap. Hand soap to be precise. Who on earth becomes infatuated with soap?? Oh yeah, that's right, my son.

I have absolutely no clue how or why this started, all I know is that its annoying and totally messy.

Nate's a pretty smart kid when it comes to causing trouble. It's almost like he gets a master plan in his head when he wakes up and works through the day to carry it out. He starts by doing something that he knows we will say no to like playing in the sink, dumping out the cat food, or spitting on stuff in the house. As we are cleaning up his first mess, he moves on to something else.  Right now it's the soap. I've found puddles of it in the bathroom, on the kitchen counter, behind the bar in the basement, all over the bathroom rug, and on the living room floor.

The newest location (which he came up with while I was cleaning up all the wine glasses he took off of the shelves in the bar) is his bedroom. I walked up the stairs to see the typical 'I swallowed a canary' look on his face. I instantly knew that he did something and he was proud enough of his mess to show me.

I walked into his room to find a trail of liquid hand soap all over the floor. It was like friggin Hansel and Gretel but instead of bread crumbs, it was Method soap. I had no idea where to even begin, because cleaning up spilled soap is no easy task. Let's just say it took 5 bath towels, a wet hand towel, and my Swiffer Wet-Jet to get everything back to normal.

Nate's room now smells like cucumber melon and his floor is cleaner than its been in weeks.  Not only do we have all the water off (except in the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom), there is no soap left out on the counters.  It's all hidden, and it's a pain in the ass.

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